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Why NAP Consistency is Important for Local SEO

This article will help you understand what your NAP is and why consistency is important for your businesses local SEO.
What is NAP
NAP is your business name, address and phone number listed on an online local business directory.
Why is NAP Important for Local SEO
Keeping your NAP consistent across all local directories will greatly improve your local SEO. When you do a search on Google for a local business what results come up first? The map listings. These results are Google My Business pages and when Google verifies that your business name, address and phone number (NAP) are consistently identical across all the popular local directories they will rank your local business page better. When I say identical I mean it. No variation of your name, address or phone number should be listed. Another little-known fact is that you should never use an 800 Toll-free number as search engines like Google want to see local numbers for local directory listings.
How to Keep NAP Consistent
There are 100’s of local directories online and Google considers many them to be important enough to verify their listings information. Trying to update them all yourself manually is an extremely time consuming and often frustrating experience. Trust me I’ve tried! The best way to keep your NAP consistent is to utilize a local directory listing management service.

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